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Mediation Instructions

1. Payment

The fee for full-day mediations is $1,150.00 per side. Half-day mediations are at the rate of $550.00 per side. The overtime fee for mediations extending beyond their allotted time is $275.00 per hour, pro-rated per quarter hour.

2. Deposit

Payment of $150.00 for half-day and $300.00 for full-day is due as a deposit when your mediation is scheduled. The balance of your fee is due when you arrive for your mediation.

3. Methods of Payment

I accept cash; Zelle bank transfers; money order, personal checks (7 days in advance only), attorney’s check, or credit cards at For bank transfers and credit cards, direct payments to [email protected]

Please call ahead if you will pay your deposit in person. As mediations are generally scheduled weeks in advance, I will not refund deposits where mediations are canceled with less than 14 days’ notice. If you cancel your mediation with less than 14 days advance notice, your deposit is forfeited as I have set that time and day aside for your case and passed opportunities for other mediations.

4. Attendance

Do NOT bring children, new spouses, friends, family members, or members of a support group. They will be asked to leave the mediation. The parties and their attorneys are the only appropriate attendees.  

5. What to Bring

Any documents requested by your attorney. Updated financial information, and/or passwords necessary to retrieve this information on-line.

iPads or personal computer, if desired.

To schedule a mediation, please call or text me at (817) 427-9833 or email me at [email protected].


If you need directions, please note the map below. My office is located just NORTH of the Trinity River. The address is:

732 North Main St.

Fort Worth, TX 76164

My building is a one story office, with free parking in the front and back. Look for the "732" sign on the east side of N. Main St., near the Coyote Drive In, Cats Stadium, and Panther Island. Unfortunately, there is a considerable amount of construction currently around my offices. Please excuse the mess while the improvements are being made.